Making Meaningful Photographic Thank Yous

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The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words can apply with great meaning and value to using photographs as thank yous. Most online and store photo studios offer the ability to make thank you cards out of the digital images of your choice, but you don't need to make a physical card to get your message across. An emailed photo thank you, or one posted on social media or a website, can have immense impact on the recipient, and establish the giver of the photo thanks, as someone who is truly appreciative of a kindness.

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Step 1: Corporate Thank Yous

When companies like Ekocycle make a hugely generous gesture like donating 3D printers to FIRST teams, a photographic thank you posted to social media provides a very gracious and public way to say thank you, in a way that's good for the company gift giver, and for the charitable recipient.

Step 2: Volunteer Thank Yous

People who donate their time, expertise and in-kind support deeply appreciate expressions of gratitude from the recipients of their kindness. An emailed photo thank you is something that can be easily shared around, and printed to post on an office bulletin board.

Step 3: Civic Thank Yous

One group that rarely gets public, meaningful expressions of gratitude is government and all jokes aside, sometimes they truly deserve it. The photo attached here was received with great appreciation by the local transportation folks who improved a small rural roadway this church group used routinely. The photo had a lot more impact than a standard thank you card would have - it was personal, and human centered, and delivered in a way that could be shared, and posted among county agency staff who truly valued it.

Step 4: Thank Yous From the Heart

And sometimes, it takes a little more than a Thank You to get the message across.

Where a thank you card will be enjoyed for a short while, a photographic thank you is a keepsake.

See how creative you can get with your photographic thanks, and make your gratitude meaningful!



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