Making My Jump Starter Battery Even Better.

Introduction: Making My Jump Starter Battery Even Better.

I love my little lifepo4 jump starter battery. I wanted to add an extra xt150 connector for use with my new smart jumper cable. Here is how I did this upgrade mod.

Step 1: The Parts.

An xt150 male, led battery meter and a normally open micro switch.

Step 2: Attached the Xt150.

I used my 100watt soldering iron to attach the connector to the battery terminals.

Step 3: Attaching the Battery Meter.

I wired the meter and switch in series then glued them onto battery. Pressing the micro switch will turn on the led battery meter.

Step 4: Insulation!

Copious volumes of liquid tape on the terminals to prevent future electrical faults.

Step 5: All Done!

Here is my improved portable jump starter. With the smart jumper plugged in, the green led blinks. If I short the clamps, the red led blinks and it beeps! No electrical fault and damage to the battery for accidentally connecting it wrong.

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