Making Polygon Plates Without Machine

About: I am a Japanese inventor who is specializing in hairbrushes. I like making things with DIY.

Intro: Making Polygon Plates Without Machine

Since I took advantage of "Kentai" technique to make tableware, only round types have been made as you can see my previous project. This time I tried to make polygon types without using machines at all.


Step 1: Preparation

I used a pentagon board & rattan strips. Rattan strips are need to be soaked in water to make soft.

Step 2: Roll Up & Form

This time I tried a pentagon and hexagon plate. I rolled up rattan strips around those boards. After done to roll up, I formed into plates by pushing and sliding with using fingers.

Step 3: Finish Up With Urushi (Japanese Lacquer)

I used urushi to obtain water resistance and durability. After finished up with a process of urushi work, now you can use them!



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