Making Set of Squares

Introduction: Making Set of Squares

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In this video we use old 12" combination square and 5" square to make nice set of 4 squares. We use mahogany for handles and tune the squares before applying epoxy to rivets. For finishing we use boiled linseed oil. The result is beautiful and useful set of squares any craftsmen would be proud to own.

Step 1: Making Set of Squares

I was eyeing new set of machinist squares, but they seem so cold. Then I decided to make wooden squares but after giving it some thought I abandoned the idea. When you take into account the expansion of wood and difference in expansion that comes with the grain direction, then it is easy to see that fully wooden squares are just toys unless they are made of plywood. Then I just thought of making metal squares with wood handles. It will look beautiful and would be very practical. Besides we all deserve to have nice tools.



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    Maple is by far the most temperature stable wood. Decent wooden rulers are always made of maple.

    Nice job!