Making Speakers From Household Materials !

Introduction: Making Speakers From Household Materials !

What are speakers, What are they made of, How does it work ?

A speaker is basically an audio unit which is able to emit sound through electrical signals. With parts moving back and forth, constantly increasing/decreasing the air pressure creating sound waves/vibration.

Speaker diagram (Picture 1)

Cone: The cone is the main part of the speaker contributing to the broadcast of sound as it is the part which constantly moves back and forth.

Suspension: Suspension helps the coil containing electrical signals to keep in shape, as well as keeping it to the cone.

Magnet: The magnet repels the magnetic field generated in the voice coil and the constant action of attracting and repelling causes the cone to move.

Voice Coil: The voice coil transmit audio signals (Electrical waves > acoustical energy) to the cone with the help of the magnet causing the energy to repel.

Frame: The frame is like a case for the whole device keeping all parts intact and rigid avoiding damage to components affecting the effectiveness of speaker

Purpose of project:

My project focused on creating a speaker from found materials based on the mastery of physics. Creating the speaker in an uncoventional way with everyday objects. As this project aims to be innovative and eco-friendly.

Methodology for creation of speaker with household materials:

Materials :

1.5 Litre Plastic Bottle

Coil Wire (from telephone cables, or from hardware store) *enough for covering entire side of bottle cap

Circular Magnet which fits in the bottle cap + Rectangular Magnet

Audio jack or Headphone jack


Exacto Knife


Electrical tape

1) Extract coil wire from cables(telephone wire, tv) with the use of exacto knife

2) Take the cap of plastic bottle. With one end of the coil wire leave 10 cm peak and start wrapping around bottle cap until it is covered, same as before leave 10 cm peak before finishing wrap

3) At the two ends of the wrapped coil wire scrape it with a exacto knife until the ends start to have lustre

4) Take the wrapped coil away from the bottle cap and attach it onto the bottle top

5) Take the circular magnet and put it into the the cap, then close the bottle opening

6) Take the Rectangular magnet and place it on top of the bottlecap to keep the the circular magnet intact

7) Cut the end of the audio jack/earphone (leave 20-30 cm of the plug)

8) Cut open the sealing of the plug and you will find 3 different cables (one which is the copper itself and two color coded cables). *If cables are still sealed use pliers and pull out the plastic from the cables

9) Take the end of both color coded cables and wrap it with either ends of the copper wire (one for each)

10) Now the plug the audio jack into your computer or phone and test it out !

(Make sure you turn your device to the loudest volume)

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    3 years ago

    That's a neat way to build it. :) Great way to reuse materials!