Making Tea Using the Coffee Maker

Introduction: Making Tea Using the Coffee Maker


PG or any teabag

White or brown sugar

Standard milk

Medium sized tea cups

Coffee Machines (e.g. Swan Coffee Maker, BOSCH, Krups, etc)

Cold water (tap water or bottle will be neccesary)

Tea spoons

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Step 1: Fill the Water Onto the Glass Carafe

First step is to bring the kettle out of the coffee maker, and go to the near sink so you can fill the glass carafe with tap water or you could fill it by bottle of water if its up to you. You can fill it at least up to 3 litre or less. The glass carafe has similarities to the kettle; which is used to serve drinks but it would also to be used to recieve the coffee onto the container while the drink is processing.

Step 2: Pour It Into the Water Basin

After you done filling the water, you can pour the water onto the water basin gently so it wouldn't cause a mess.

To release the cold water onto the water basin, you must open the top cover and you'll see that the water basin is on the top right side next to the filter basket. From there you can gently fill in the water there which will take you next to the step to measure the length of the water on water level indicator.

Step 3: Check the Measure of the Water (Water Level Indicator)

It's important to check the water level indicator to measure how much water you'll need to boil, and the amount of water that need to be indiciated at least 4 or 4½, so the tea will defiantely won't be full for the tea cup.

Step 4: Drop the Tea Bag Into the Filter Basket

Next step is to pick up tea bags from the belonging you possess and place it onto the filter basket so it will allow the coffee machine to process. Like the previous step on releasing the water to water basin, filter basket is at the same place, which you can see at the left side when you open the top cover.

That's where you put any coffee bags to allow the machine to produce a fine hot drink, while you don't have to do anything but wait for coffee to finish its process. And that can work also for tea bags as well.

Step 5: Plug in the Socket

Before the Coffee machine process starts, you must plug it to the socket to start the machine right away.

Step 6: Switch the Power Button On

Then you switch on the power buttion to actvate the coffee machine.

Step 7: Take Off

Now the Coffee machine is beginning to create a red tea from the tea bag, and it will take 2-4 minutes to finalize the tea. When the machine is operating, you will see the water starting to drop down from water level indicator and the water will eventually drop to the Glass carafe.

Step 8: Tea's Coming

As you can see here, the red tea is coming through and this time will take couple seconds for the tea to be ready which will not take a while to process.

Step 9: The Job Is Done

The red hot tea is now ready to pour into the tea cups.

Step 10: Which Tea Cups to Select?

Really you can choose any sizes of tea cup that you'll like to drink, it can be either large, medium or small depending on your preference.

Step 11: I Pick the Medium-flower Cup

So instead of choosing large or small sized cups, you can choose the medium sized tea cup since the tea won't fill in the whole cup but rather half of it.

Step 12: Pour the Tea Onto the Cup

After the coffee machine produced a hot tea, you'll need to take the glass carafe from the machine and pour it into the cup gently. Because pouring the tea faster can cause mess at the surface or probably burning your hands, depending on how hot the tea is.

Step 13: Include the Sugar and Cold Milk to Add More Ingredients

Before you'll get to the last step of the instruction, you have to get the sugar (white or brown flavour can be included) and tea spoon to put 2-3 sugars to the tea to get sweet taste. In addition, add milk to the tea but you have to pour small amount of milk so it wouldn't make the tea full for people to drink.

Step 14: The Tea Is Ready to Serve for Breakfast

Finally, just stir the drink for few seconds to allow the sugar soaking up to the tea, so you would have a splendid tatste of the tea while having breakfast (If you know what I mean.) Now done with the stir and put the teaspoon down, because the tea that I make from coffee machine is ready to serve for breakfast or later.

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    3 years ago

    This are really Easy & simple tips to make a Tea using coffee maker. I can try this… will surely let you know my experience. Nowday’s we can find automatic tea coffee machine online. The prices are also reasonable.


    3 years ago

    Not very nice tea as the water isn't boiling when it contacts the tea bag, but acceptable for an emergency.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea now i can use my coffee maker for tea for two.Thanks for your help.

    AH! I knew coffee makers had to be good for something! I don't drink coffee so I might be biased...

    Awesome job showing your process, and welcome to instructables!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for your kindness to welcome me to Instrutables website, Ms SweetSatisfaction.