Making Tenon Wedges Safely on the Bandsaw




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In this instructable i show how to make wedge to size and consistency every time

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Step 1: Wedge Jig

Making Tenon Wedges on your Band saw.

You need first to make your tapered wedge Jig mine has 2 sizes of wedges, cut a wedge shape on the side of your wedge jig to exactly the size of your finished wedge,

Step 2:

Step 3: Sizing the Blank

Then cut your blank to the same size as the cut-out in your jig wood grain to run along the length of the wedges

Step 4: Cuting the Wedges

Set the band saw to same width as the wedge Jig and put the blank in the cut out,cut the first wedge then turn blank over and repeat until you have enough wedges.

I like to use the wedges straight of the bandsaw the saw marks give more glueing area and grip

Step 5: Cutting the Wedges

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    4 years ago

    This is a fantastic looking technique. The jig looks simple enough to make as well.

    Very nicely done, thank you!