Making the Instructables Hauler (18 Wheeler)!

Introduction: Making the Instructables Hauler (18 Wheeler)!

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After making another truck ( its almost a necessity to make more! I made a sign for this truck to designate it as the "Instructables Hauler." All main parts are constructed of wood and cardboard, no additional materials needed. Truck may be painted in the future.

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Step 1: Start With Making the Cab/Body

Glue blocks of wood in shape of cab. I used common pine and got dimensions by looking at photo of real truck.

Step 2: Design and Make Under Carriage and Trailer Frame

Step 3: Make Wheels

Just a few pictures are shown; for a more thorough depiction of wheel making, see step 6 and 7 of my instructable:How To Make a Log Truck... Go here:

Step 4: Make Embellishments for Cab for Added Detail

1. Exhaust Stacks: made by starting with a piece of dowel cut to length, placing in drill press and sand off the top part of the stacks until smaller diameter is obtained. A flat is sanded on the larger portion so that a greater surface area is available for gluing to cab.

2, Air Cleaners: A 5/16 dowel cut to length and a smaller piece of 1/4 in dowel is glued on top.

3. Headlights: Dowel cut to size then sanded at an angle to allow gluing onto fender.

4. Gas/diesel Tank: Dowel of 3/4 in. is cut to size and ends rounded as shown. A flat is sanded on back side of dowel so it can be glued onto the body.

5. Mirrors: Made by cutting and forming floral wire as a frame. Mirrors are cut from matboard and then hot melt glued onto wire frame. All are painted silver.

6. Fenders: I drew shapes I wanted on wood blocks then cut out with band saw, A final shape is obtained by sanding with 1 inch belt sander.

7. Running lights: An applicator stick (a 1/8in. wood dowel) is first sanded at a steep angle then cut to size with the box cutter knife.

Step 5: Make Trailer Body

Step 6: Additional Pics

Step 7: Make Sign(s) for Trailer Body

My trailer was 3" x 11" so it was easy to design and print a sign for the trailer.

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    5 years ago

    Absolutely brilliant.. I wanna see how you made the wheels but the link is broken.