Making Triple Beds Safer

Introduction: Making Triple Beds Safer

This Instructable shows how you can make a multi-level bed safer.

You might be staying in a hotel where there are multi-level beds. You can fall on the floor one night and hurt your head. Keep in mind that the hotel manager might not approve of this. However, the hotel might not want to pay for medical bills if you fall when turning over in your sleep.


You might need scissors to cut the rope if it is very long. I did not use any scissors because my rope was not that long. You will need at least 5 metre rope. I used a thin rope and thin rope is the best solution in my opinion. A thick rope might not fit through in between the joints. You do not have to use the rope pattern that I used. You can try other patterns. Then you can use a thicker rope. You can also use: metal wire or sticky tape. You can make a small needle from metal wire and use it to pull the thin rope through the metal joins and the third bed above. You can tie the rope in any way that you like or just spin/wind many tuns around the metal bed bar. If you are using a metal wire than you will need pliers.

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    10 days ago on Introduction

    How exactly does this work? Do you put it on the side you would fall off. This is not meant to be negative I am just wondering where to put the rope.


    Reply 9 days ago

    The bed is elevated at a height of 1 metre. The gap between the wall and the bed was about 30 cm/1 foot wide. Thus many skinny or even average weight people can just fit through this gap. The rope stops the fall. On the other side of the three-storey bed, there was a metal fixture to stop the fall that you do not see in the photo.