Making Vowels Out of PVC




I made the vowels E and Y out of 1/2 in PVC pipe, a few 90 degree fittings, and a couple of T-joints. The vowels have to be small enough to fit inside of a 2 foot by 2 foot box. I will explain a step by step process, so you can duplicate this process in a matter of minutes.

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Step 1: Letter E

In order to make the letter E, I used 2 90 degree pieces, 1 T-joint, 2 1/2X8 in pipe, 2 1/2X18in pipe, and 1 1/2X12in pipe a total of 64in of 1/2in PVC pipe. I started by making the top and bottom lines on the E. In order to do this, I connected an 18in pipe to a 90 degree fitting for the top then I replicated this process to make the bottom.

Step 2: Adding to Top and Bottom

In order to make the two lines look more like the letter E, I connected an 8in piece of pipe to the empty hole in the 90 degree fitting on the top. I replicated this process for the bottom.

Step 3: Connecting Top and Bottom Lines

At this point, all I had was 2 90 degree angles made of PVC. In order to make it look more like an actual letter, I connected the two 8in pieces of pipe to a T-joint which connected them.

Step 4: Finalize E

All you need at this point to finalize the letter is a piece in the middle coming off from the T-joint. I decided to make this piece a little bit smaller than the top and bottom lines. This piece is 12 in long and all I did was connect it to the empty hole in the T-joint.

Step 5: Letter Y

Making the letter Y was a little bit tricky, however, I simplified the process by making it resemble a "field goal" like in football. The materials I used were 2 90 degree fittings, 1 T-joint, 3 1/2X9in pipe, and 2 1/2X7in pipe. I started with the "uprights" of the Y. I did this by connecting a 9in piece to a 90 degree fitting for the right side, then I replicated this process for the left. 

Step 6: Top of the Y

I finished off the top of the Y by connecting a 7in piece of pipe to each 90 degree fitting. I then connected the other side of these 7in pieces pipe to a T-joint in the middle which is facing downward.

Step 7: Finalize Y

I finished off the letter Y by connecting a 9in pipe to the empty hole in the T-joint. This made up the bottom of the letter and was the final step needed in making the letter Y. Thus, a step by step process in making the vowels E and Y.

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    5 years ago

    Why are there so many of these? Did a school teacher think this was a good idea? I don't get it..