Making Youtube Thumbnails

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Intro: Making Youtube Thumbnails

Hey Guys TechHead Tutorials Here, Today I Will Show You How To Make Youtube Thumbnails! I Hope You Enjoy And Remember To Like And Subscribe!

So if you have ever wondered how big you tubers create thumbnails for their videos, heres how! Upgrade your channel and here goes!.

Step 1: Hard Way or Easy Way

You Can Either Watch This Video Or Follow The Steps, Your Choice!!!

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Step 2: Go to Pixlr

So First Up, Go To and create an account, you will need an email or a social media account. This will take approx 2 mins!

Step 3: Lets Get Started

So now you have an account, scroll down the page to: 'online editor'. From here you will see a blank canvas. Select file, open image and select your desired background.

Step 4: Super Impose

Now that you have a background, choose another image, of your choice (preferably smaller) and complete the same process of opening the image. Now there will be a new window open. Hold control and 'a', then control and'c' to copy the image.

From here got to the original image, hold, control and 'v'. Resize and move the image by going to 'edit' and then free transform. Hold shift to hold dimensions!

Step 5: Adding Text

Possibly the most important part of your thumbnail, add text. To do this select 'text' and type your desired text; now change colour, font and size! You are done! For more tips watch the video below:



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