Making a Brass Melting Furnace

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My Brass Melting Furnace made from the shell of a crock pot. Although I got a late start on getting footage when I first started the furnace the video shows the remainder of the build. What I didn't get footage of was brazing the bottom onto the crock pot steel shell so not much was missed. This furnace will easily melt cast iron if I use forced air. Watch the video for all the steps involved in bringing the project to completion. Please be sure and check out all my metal casting instructables I have posted. Thanks for Watching!




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    2 years ago

    Thank you! Most informative. I appreciate your "somethin from nuthin" it makes all my junk appear more valuable. Would it be possible to get specific on the materials you used? Specifically the "wool", type of furnace cement and ceramic used. I don't want my ignorance to blow up or burn down the shop. Thanks!

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    Shoot me a private message and I will go into some detail on the supplies used. I have plans to see if some of these suppliers will "sponsor" some of these vids by providing supplies and until I find out what they have to say dont want to do any public advertising for them! :)


    2 years ago

    I recently built a furnace for making and casting bronze; this is an interesting variant. If someone doesn't mind spending a little money, you can get a helium tank (intended for balloons) at a store like Target that makes a great shell. For $25 you can get one that'll work for a crucible up to a #8 and a larger one is available for $40. For my furnace, I used castable refractory for the bottom and lid; the wall is 1" kaowool.

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    I have Carbon Dioxide tanks both small & large I could cut up for crucibles if I wanted. I get fire extinguishers for free so use those for as crucibles for my metal casting. Good for 8-10 melts or so.....

    Yours sounds like a nice furnace....thanks for watching!

    I had meant that you can use those helium tanks for the shell of the furnace; they are essentially the same thing as propane tanks without the danger of the propane. My reference to crucibles was simply a way of showing the relative size difference in the furnace you would have between the two tanks.

    Ahhh, I misunderstood! LOL

    Absolutely, I am hesitant on cutting up propane tanks myself. I have 5 gallon steel buckets as well as 30 gal steel drums I coulda used but wanted a small furnace and thought using a crock pot shell would be rather interesting :)

    The outside of it doesnt even get hot enough to melt the paint, works great