Making a Builders Hut From Clash of Clans



I've always been a very creative person and a self confessed video gaming geek. I'm a husband, ...

Here's a cool little project to try if you're a fan of the mobile game Clash of Clans by Supercell. Builders hut.

I use a scale of 5x5 cm per block found on the game, the builder hut is 2 x 2 blocks on the game and that gives us a base of 10 x10 cm to start with. The main building is 7 x 7 x 8.5 cm

I used 3mm hardboard for the grass base, 18mm MDF for the four posts, 15mm MDF for the walls and roof, 10mm for the tools. The roof angle is 70 degrees. All finished using acrylic paint with a dry brush technique.

I've also added a video for more indepth steps, so be sure to watch that.

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