Making a Computer Tweet When the Internet Has Opened

Introduction: Making a Computer Tweet When the Internet Has Opened

In this Instructable i will tell you how to make your computer tweet you when it has successfully logged in and opened the internet.  This would be useful because it lets you walk away and not have to check to see if your computer is ready.

Program used to make this instructable :

- AutoHotkey

Link to website

Other Info

- Windows 7 operating system

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Step 1: Writing the Code

This program makes it extremely simple to write code.

Here is the coding I used :

click 600,732
sleep, 400
SetMousedelay, 600
click 367,184
click 367,184
send Internet ready
click 818,276

The coding will most likely vary computer to computer, so i will explain what each line is for.

With the program comes a tool called window spy that shows coordinate points for your screen.  This tells the program where to click.

First Line: This first click (click 600,732)  was put in because to successfully send a twitter message a click a to be made before running the rest of the coding.
Second Line : This line opens your web browser to Google (Run . This is there so you can just close the Twitter tab that opens and start your browsing. 
Third Line: This line sets a delay (sleep, 400) between the run Google and run Twitter commands. This was needed because the browser would glitch half away if there wasn't a delay.The 400 stands for 400 milliseconds.
Fourth Line: This is the same as run Google. It opens a Twitter tab in the same browser as the run Google did.
Fifth Line: This line (SetMousedelay, 600)  sets a delay between mouse movement and mouse clicks. If it wasn't there the movements and clicks would already be done even before was loaded.  The 600 stands for 600 milliseconds.  I gave it plenty of time because I wanted to make sure it would always work even with the occasional slow start up.
Sixth Line and Seventh Line : These clicks (click 367,184) click inside the "what is Happening?" text box.  I made it two clicks just to be safe.
Eighth Line: This line (send Internet ready) tells the program to type the message "Internet ready"
Ninth Line: And finally this click (click 818,276) tells the program to click the Tweet button.

Remember to save the file with the .ahk ending and whatever coding you picked when downloading AutoHotkey.

Remember these coordinates are calibrated to my computer you may have to change them.

Step 2: Automatic Launch on Login

To make this macro/script to automatically run after I logged in, I used the Microsoft "Task Scheduler" that comes pre-installed.

I trigged the macro/script to start one minute after login.  I made it so it didn't start right away because I was just being safe again and wanted to make sure the program would run. The only other thing you really need to do is put the action in, which would be the script the coding file we just made.

P.S. I also changed the configuration to Windows 7.  I don't know if this did anything.

Also you also must have some sort of Twitter notification on your cellphone.

Here is a link to all the commands for AutoHotkey:

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