Making a Copper Maple Leaf for Canada Day




For a long time I wanted to try to make national symbols of different countries using various metals. This time it'll be a copper Maple Leaf.

Step 1: First Casting Attempt

First time I tried to make a plaque as usual using a drag and a cope. Before this time I didn't cast anything big using copper. I found out that it wasn't as liquid as other metals. Therefore, the first attempt was failed.

Step 2: Pouring Right on a Foam Pattern

This time I've decided to pour copper right on a foam pattern and it worked well.

Step 3: Finishing

After brushing a Maple Leaf is shining and looks really nice.



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    1 year ago

    I hear copper is even more difficult to cast than brass, what do you think? ☺

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Yeah, that's true. :) Before this casting I melted copper just several times and didn't try to cast anything difficult. In my opinion, during my first attempt the temperature was fine and copper poured very good from the crucible. However, it didn't flow inside the mold. It didn't fill the mold up at all. I've never had such a situation with any other metal, no matter if it was brass, bronze or aluminum. It looks like to make an item made of copper with a really good quality it's a must to use die casting. It seems to me that without pressure it won't flow...