Making a Cup of Coffee in a Keurig

Introduction: Making a Cup of Coffee in a Keurig

The Keurig is a great way to make a quick cup of hot coffee, tea, water, or a number of other beverages. The following instructions will walk you step by step on how to brew a cup of coffee in a Keurig Machine. Please enjoy and I hope you find these instructions helpful.

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Step 1: Gather Items Needed

Making a cup of coffee in a Keurig is easy and only requires a few items:

A Keurig machine

A Keurig coffee pod

A cup

Creamer, sugar, milk, other flavorings (optional)

Step 2: Add Water

The Keurig has a reservoir for water. You will want to make sure the reservoir is filled with water to the fill line.

Step 3: Power on the Machine

Press the power button to turn on the machine.

The heating light will turn red

Allow the water to heat until the red light turns off

Step 4: Open Pod Holder

Once the water is heated lift the handle up to open the pod holder.

Once open you will see a slot for the pod.

Step 5: Place Pod Into Holder and Shut

Insert your coffee pod into the pod holder

Then pull down the handle to close the lid to the pod holder

Step 6: Place Cup

After you shut the pod holder lid place your cup under the spout.

Step 7: Select Desired Cup Size

Once the pod is placed and the lid is shut. A blue light will circle two buttons with images of a cup on them one smaller and one bigger.

Press one of the cup buttons to select your desired cup size.

Step 8: Allow Coffee to Brew.

After selecting your cup size allow a minute or two for your coffee to brew and pour into your cup.

Step 9: Enjoy

Once your coffee finishes pouring into your cup remove the cup, add any flavors or creamers if desired and enjoy!
Warning contents will be extremely hot

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