Making a Curbball Court

this instructable will show you how to make a curb ball court!
dont know what curb ball is?
a soon to be coming instructable will show exactly how to play, even a few tips

Down to business
- driveway(best if two cars wide)
-Duct tape(not black, it melts in the hot sun)
-a playground ball (4 square ball)
- your feet

Step 1: Getting What You Need.

Duct tape (light colors, traditional could work) you will need a lot depending on your driveway
4 square/playground ball
Driveway/ pavement
-optional, something to easily reel duct tape off of ( i used a whiffle ball bat)
optional, chalk

Step 2: Measuring

I suggest that you test your court before making it semi-permenant
so maybe some chalk could do this job
the measurements of the court are taken by paces because it does not need to be exact
i have a size 8 shoe and the total length of my court is 32 "feet" (heel to toe) long, some people may want longer, or shorter, its all preferance
the width of the court is the size of your driveway or 24 ish heeltoe long

Step 3: Making the Court

when making the court look for edges, in my case i used the side of the driveway which is grass
it helps with telling if the ball is in or out.
your best case scenario is that you actually have curbing on your driveway, which makes the court extremely high quality
try to make the lines as straight as possible by laying the tape down slowly and carefully mine is a little bit cuvy but makes no impact on the game

Step 4: Matinence

to keep the court clean, it isnt much work
try to make sure it has no rocks or rubbish on it, and that is all you will need



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