Making a Delayed Fuse Ignitor From a Cigarette



About: I`m a 18 Year old Roofer and Sheetmetal Worker. Very interested in woodworking, metal projects and Chemistry

So in this Instructable im going to explain to you how to make a delayed fuse igniter.

Im not responsible for anything you are going to do with this!

Materials needed:

Cigarette (obviously)

Fuse (Bought or selfmade)

Some Tape or Glue

A Knife or Scissors


Step 1: Making the Igniter

In this horrible Graphic, which i made, you´re seeing how this works.

First you take your Cigarette and cut half of it away.

Next, take a toothpick or something similar to punch a small hole trough the Filter, allowing the Fuse to be pushed trough.

Try to push it in as far as possible and tape or glue it in place.

What happens is, if you light the cigarette it will give you about 10-15 Minutes until the Fuse burns,

so you can back up into safety before the show starts!

Step 2: Ending

Thanks for viewing and be careful!

Sorry for any Grammatical Errors, English isn`t my first Language.



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    3 years ago

    finally a good use for that poison