Making a Dolly-Hand Truck-Hand Cart

Introduction: Making a Dolly-Hand Truck-Hand Cart

About: MSFN is "Makin Sumthin from Nuthin", I suggest you do the same! Basically I take inventory of what I have laying around that most likely cost me nothing, and building something useful and fully functional ou...

Need a Dolly or Hand Truck ? ......So Make One From Junk You May Laying Around Like I Did!

Now I needed a Dolly for my 105 pound Lincoln Tombstone Welder...... but Dolly's come in handy for moving all kinds of heavy stuff around the shop/garage. The entire project was built at $0.00 cost and the video documents the complete build from start to finish. The metal I was working with was not all that thick so decided to braze it rather than weld at 40 amps. If you need a Dolly, follow along and see how one gets built for cheap!

Need a Dolly....Make a Dolly!


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