Making a Fishbone/Fishtail Paracord Bracelet



Need help surviving the zombie apocalypse? Make this super easy paracord bracelet that will provide you with up to 8 feet of paracord to wear on your wrist at all times. In 20-30 minutes you'll have a bracelet that's useful in all sorts of survival situations. Trust us, if it can survive a horde of brain eating zombies, it can survive just about anything.

Step 1: Supplies

●You will need:
●10 feet of paracord
●A 5/8 buckle (male=forked end, female=slotted end)
●Measuring tape
●Lighter (Optional)

Step 2: Measuring the Paracord

Measure out 10 feet of paracord.

Step 3: Tie Off the Female Clip

Fold Paracord in half evenly and push loop end through the female end of the clip.

Step 4: Threading the Male Clip

 Take the male end facing you and feed the tails through the lower slot then back through the upper slot. Adjust the length around your wrist as needed. Lay your cords flat with the tails on the outside.

Remember not to let your lines get tangled and ensure that your clips are not flipped the wrong way.

Step 5: Prepping the Tails

 Weave the left tail through the middle and underneath the right pier. Next, weave the right tail tail through the middle and under the left pier.

Step 6: Beginning the Weave

Weave the left side tail over the left pier and under the right pier. Now, weave the right side tail over the right pier and under the left pier. With your thumb holding the middle, pull the tails and push up to tighten the weave.

Step 7: Weaving Down the Line

Repeat step Five until you reach the female clip.
Cut the fray off the cord if needed while you weave 

Step 8: Tying Off the Weave

Pull the slack out of the loop on the female clip  and feed the tails underneath the loop. Use a pencil to push the tails through if needed. Hold the tails with your thumb and pull the female clip to secure the tails. Finally clip the excess off tails.

Step 9: Singeing the Ends: Optional

Singe the ends of your tails with a lighter.



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