Making a Large Island Drawer From a Dummy-Fake Drawer




Many cabinets and islands have fake dummy drawers that are waiting to become functional storage space.

This instructable briefly shows the steps to achieve extra functional storage in the kitchen.

Step 1: Remove the Fake Dummy Drawer Face

The dummy drawer most like snaps on via clips.

Carefully pull the dummy drawer face evenly away from the cabinet.

Remove the clips from the cabinet as you will no longer need those.

Later you will attach the drawer face to the carcass/box of the drawer.

Step 2: Measure the Space

Measure the dimensions of the opening.

Subtract the width of the slides (typically 1/2" per slide) from the width.

Subtract about 2.5" from the depth to allow space for brackets.

Subtract between 1/2"--1" from the height so the box/carcass can move freely.

Step 3: Build the Box/carcass

once you have your measurements build the box/carcass of the drawer.

I used 1/2" by 3.5" pine for the walls.
I used 5.2 mm lauan plywood for the bottom.

Measure carefully and be sure to affix everything squared. double check by measuring the diagonal multiple times during assembly. Better clamping methods = better results.

I used finishing nails and gorilla glue to ensure that the pieces hold together well.

Step 4: Insert the Drawer Slides and Attach Drawer

I highly recommend not going cheap on drawer slides. In my case the size of the drawer and frequency of use meant that the slides must be strong and durable.

I recommend side mount ball bearing one piece slides.

Carefully install the slides and the drawer according to the instructions provided with the slides.

Step 5: Attach the Drawer-face

Center and level the drawer-face to the cabinet.

I attached the face with gorilla glue and clamped well while curing.

Make any adjustments to the slides necessary to create a flush fit to the cabinet.

Step 6: Mounting the Handle

Mark the horizontal and vertical center lines to place any handle-hardware desired.

Mark and drill holes for the handle.
it may be necessary to recess the hole slightly (using a drill bit the same size as the head of the bolt) from the inside of the drawer so the bolt can reach the handle.

Step 7: Fill It Up and Enjoy

Put that drawer to use and enjoy it for years to come.

feel free to shoot me any comments or questions. God Bless.

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    8 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Great handy man work......nice !!!! :)

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Why do you bother making a separate front? Why not just attach the side to the final front?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    I based mine off of the drawer that were in the cabinets in our kitchen ans based on what I saw online.

    i think overall is gives a stronger from for box/carcass of the drawer and due to the size of the one I made I had to be sure it would be durable.

    Let me know if you do and post a picture. overall it's a 2-4 hour project (most of which is dry time for the glue!)