Making a Leather Key Fob

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Hey guys, I made this tutorial as a build along video, I didn't take any pictures to explain the process step by step but I did make a PDF with said step by step instructions and the key fob template that I'm giving away for free if anyone wants to have a go at making one themselves!

I'm also giving away the key fob made during the tutorial so if you want to have the chance to win it just go to one of my social media sites and you'll know how to participate!

If you want the PDF just contact me either through:

Cheers and I hope you enjoy it!


PS: I have other videos that you guys might find interesting as well, if you do please live a like and subscribe ;)



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    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you very much! :) Feel free to participate in the Giveaway, I'm surprised by the low amount of participants, I guess people don't like to get things for free haha