Making a Metal Fidget Spinner From Trash:




Introduction: Making a Metal Fidget Spinner From Trash:

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In this instructable you will be taught how to make a fidget spinner by using discarded stuff from your home workshop.

The method is simple enough for anyone to understand.

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Step 1: Motor Armature (rotor):

Get an old mixer motor or a DC motor that has been discarded.Now open up the motor and separate the rotor from rest of the motor body.

Remove the coil on the Rotor and it should look as shown in the above pictures.Connect the rotor to the vice as shown in the picture because now you have to cut off its shaft.

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Step 2: Shaft Cutting & Bearings Mounting:

Now cut off the shaft of the rotor with a saw but leave 0.5cm length on either side of the armature for mounting bearings.

Get 2 identical bearings that fit on the shaft of the armature.Connect each of them on both the sides as shown.

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Step 3: Cap Connecting:

Get 2 identical bottle caps that fit the bearing size.

You can also use Araldite spray paint to paint the caps or the entire armature body.I wanted a metallic look so i didn't paint it.

Now after the paint has dried up connect the caps to the bearings as shown in the picture.For perfect fitting of the caps on the bearings you can use a vice.

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Step 4: Testing:

Hold the spinner from the caps and spin it with the other hand.

Its complete.

It should work smooth and run for sometime or even for a minute or 2 if the bearing are good enough.

So that was all guys. Thankyou :)

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