Making a Micro Drive Holder at TechShop

I made this sheet metal micro drive holder for the pegboard in my garage at my local TechShop.

I made it at TechShop

Step 1:

Join a Techshop near you and take the sheet metal SBU class

Step 2:

Take a piece of scrap sheet metal from the class and square the piece up with the hydraulic sheer

Step 3:

Lay out your fold lines and where you want your holes for the micro drive

Step 4:

Cut the corners and the fold reliefs with the beverly sheer

Step 5:

Punch the holes out with the turret punch

Step 6:

Fold your lines on the finger brake.  I apologize for not getting a pic of this step.

Step 7:

Take the powder coating SBU, powder coat, I used white because that's what was used in the class

Step 8:

Test fit your micro drives



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    The words "turret punch" is a little scary, but over all great build. Thanks for sharing it on Instructables.