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Here are some pictures that illustrate how to make a deck hockey game similar to the Nok Hockey games of my youth.  Kids love it and it's a really nice alternate to video games.  And there is something really satisfying about making your kids or grandkids a Christmas present with your own two hands.

You can customize it by putting NHL stickers on the boards.  The puck was made from solid pine using a circle saw drill bit.  The sticks were cut from the same material using a jigsaw.  The bottom is masonite with dimensions of 24 inches by 36 inches..  I used the thick Masonite so that it did not warp.   The rest is just 3/4 inch pine.  It was painted with acrylic paint. I used High Gloss so that there would be less friction.

I also polished the table and the puck with Carnauba wax to lower the friction.  You only need to reapply this once or twice a year.  It really makes a difference!

Note in the pictures that the two end pieces are put back to back in order to mark them for cutting.  First, I marked circles 3/4 inch diameter wider than two pucks.  Then I connected them with lines and then used a jigsaw to cut the goal out.  This allows 3/8 inch for the puck to slip into the goal.

Also note in the first picture that I put triangular  wood posts at the corner.  This really helped the puck move off the angle.  If you practiced, you could do a bank shot off the angle, off the red "goalie" and in the net.

Total cost for new materials: $4.99 for masonite board.  Everything else was from wood scraps.  Total cost of Nok Hockey at Dick's 69.99

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