Making a No Budget 72 Hours Outdoor Emergency Personal Survival Kit (Small)




Introduction: Making a No Budget 72 Hours Outdoor Emergency Personal Survival Kit (Small)

Hi, everyone.

I always believe that outdoor safety is a holistic approach and it goes far beyond than just having a basic Altoids survival kit. But with that in mind, I do have this 'baseline' no-budget 72 hours-till-rescue outdoor survival small kit with me whenever I go outdoor.

I call this kit a no budget kit because if this is a last ditch effort to my outdoor survival, I'd like to have what I consider the best gear I could afford/find with me when I really need it. The survival priorities outlined in the video is my 'basic' response, but certainly it does change with the environment.

I never consider myself a survival expert or experienced outdoorsman, but that's even more a reason why I have taken much time to put thoughts and practice into this kit. Hope you'd enjoy this video and please let me know if you have any suggestion or questions.

Thank you for watching!



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    Thank you for watching and the correction! :) I have just put in a bubble to correct that mistake. I will see whether I could have enough time to edit the original film and correct that info.

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    I like your kit. It seems to include all the necessary things, yet being very compact. I've found some new ideas for creating my own one.

    One remark: that aqamira water purification tablets are made of chlorine dioxide and not sodium chloride (which is just a table salt).