Making a Magnet DC Generator From a Dead Mixer Motor DIY



Introduction: Making a Magnet DC Generator From a Dead Mixer Motor DIY

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In this instructable, you will learn how to transform a dead Blender/drill machine motor (Universal motor) into a very powerful Permanent Magnet DC generator.

Note:This method is applicable only if the field coils of a Universal motor get burnt and not the rotor coils.

Also, this modified machine will not only act as a dc generator but also a powerful high speed DC Motor.

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Step 1: Requirements:

List of Requirements:

  1. universal motor (blender/drill universal motor)
  2. Two Magnets (better if concave)
  3. screw driver
  4. glue gun
  5. 30 to 50 volts DC supply
  6. machine oil

We need magnets because we are going to replace the electromagnetic field of the Universal motor with permanent magnets to transform it into a pmdc motor/generator.

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Step 2: Field Modification:

After securing all that is required for the project what you have to do is to completely open up the Universal motor as shown in the pictures.

The motor should have three major parts - the field, the Rotor and the brushes.

Remove the field part and place everything back as before.After doing that put some machine oil on the moving parts like on the commutator, the shaft etc.

Now take one of the concave magnets and place it there where the electromagnetic field was attached.Stick the magnet properly with the help a hot glue gun. Take the other magnet and place it vertically opposite to the first magnet and remember that the concave side will always face the rotor.Do the same with the second magnet too.

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Step 3: Test:

To test this newly constructed generator simply connect the DC output terminals to a multi-meter or some DC load and rotate the shaft of the generator.It should glow the bulb or show some reading on the multi-meter as can be seen in the pics.

You can also use it as a high speed motor by connecting a 50V DC supply to its terminals instead of a bulb.

So that was all for this instructable guys.


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