Making a Paper Robot (Super-bot) by Elena Waller and Jonathan Whalen

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Materials Needed

· 1 piece of paper (with cutout on following page).

· Printout of instructions

· 1 pair of scissors.

· 1 roll of scotch tape.


1. Cut out brown and blue cross, this is the head, arms and body.

2. Cut out both long grey stripes.

3. Fold legs; along thick lines into triangles, these are the legs/feet.

4. Tape pyramid together with tape.

5. Stand triangles together and cut a slit on the inside of one of the upper sides of both triangles, into which you will insert the body (dark brown).

6. Insert the body and tape the body pieces to legs.

7. If not upright then add more tape.

8. Bend pyramid legs more (if needed) to keep upright.

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