Making a Proper Swiss Army Knife With Popsicle Sticks (normal Size.)





Introduction: Making a Proper Swiss Army Knife With Popsicle Sticks (normal Size.)

This is v1.0 which has 1 blade. This is a step by step easy tutorial and this is made of very cheap materials. Please edit it and upload images. You can even use the badge which is in picture 6. Thats the best badge but colour it dark. The badge will look like picture 7 but imagine it red. I dont know how to stop it in the middle and if you guys find any way please inform me. I promise that I will upload v2.0 within tomorrow and it'll have 2 features new. please subscribe me.

Step 1: Required Materials:

3 popsicle sticks
1 clip (only if your adhesive is weak.)
1 paper cutter ( for sharpening)
a pair of scissors
sandpaper (if you want it sharp)
a pencil and a ruler ( for marking)
a piece of paper (for logo)
a brush for painting
a board pin (for holes)
an adhesive
a red colour pen.
a stick or a toothpick

Step 2: Cut 3 Popsicle Sticks.

Cut three popsicle sticks to the length of 7.4 cm or 2.8 inch. Don't throw the remaining piece. we will use it in step 5.

Step 3: Make a Hole With Drill or Board Pins.

first make a hole on a stick and have that stick on top of the next stick to mark where to drill. see picture 2.

Step 4: Time for Carving the Knife.

it's time to carve the knife. Before that cut 0.7 cm so it fits inside to the handle. Carve it to your wish. I'm just doing a basic carving because I don't know to shape it much better without cutting my hand.

Step 5: Make the Blocking Piece.

insert the stick to one side of the handle and the blade. refer picture 1. mark the blocking piece like picture 2. Take the piece which we have cut in step 2. draw the same in that piece. cut what we have drawn on the remaining piece in step 2. don't cut the handle. even if it's cracked it's alright. because we will stick it in the handle which we have drawn. this also prevents both the handle from cracking. clip it and allow it to dry. See picture 3.

Step 6: Assembly

assemble all the 3 pieces shown in picture 1. stick the handle to another. cut the excess stick and use an adhesive to stick the stick to the knife. clip it and allow it to dry.

Step 7: Painting Time

Paint your knife. I recommend using black, red, silver or blue.

Step 8: Final Step Is Making the Logo.

If you want just a cross then refer picture 2. I'm doing method 2. If you want the real logo then draw the picture 1 with a black pen and don't cut it exactly but leave some white paper and cut it and stick it. That's it your swiss army knife replica is ready!!! I also thank my sister who assisted me in this tutorial. Thank you for spending your time making this and please subscribe me.



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    whenever i try making the hole, this stick splits

    I designed v2.0 and brought all materials required

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    V2.0 is ready and u can see it in the recent section right side of the featured section

    I have done once so I'll make the tutorial after 2 hrs

    please send the picture if u made it

    Fun prop!

    I'm working on v2.0