Making a Pumping Heart Out of Latex

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Incredible or not, making a heart pump is one of the easiest gags you can try! All you need is a hollow heart, that would allow an air blower to be connected, so air can be pumped inside.

I will show you exactly what I mean in a minute. First, let’s gather the material:

• clay;

• sculpting tools;

• plaster;

• water;

• liquid latex;

• acrylic and makeup paints;

• art brushes;

• water hose;

• air blower; and

• fake blood.

Step 1: Getting a Heart

You can make this however you want. If it’s more cartoon alike, or more anatomical correct, it doesn’t matter. What it does matter is that you gotta have some pretty great reference pictures.

With the heart I’ve sculpt I went for a realistic feel. So I made sure that my heart was no bigger than a fist (I've done mine bigger, to be the heart of a grown man).

But the most important part is actually having a tube that would allow the hose to go inside, and when I press the air blower, the air would go inside, expanding the heart, once the air blower’s air came back, the heart would go back to normal.

Step 2: Molding Is Tricky…

…but not impossible. Per usual, with any project that you wanna get a hollow piece, the best option is to do a two parts mold.

What you need to be concern with, is where to divide the sculpture in half. This is a great method to do for sculptures that have some details coming out of the basic shape, like horns, ears, feather, or, in this case, tubes.

The video you can see how it isn’t that hard to mold this thing. Just a lot of patience... and time.

Oh, please DO NOT forget to fill the tube's entrance with clay, so you have an opening to:

1. open the mold later

2. pour latex through it.

Step 3: Putting All Together

After molding, casting the latex, and painting, all you need for your heart to be done is tape the hose to that opening tube, then tape the air blower to the hose, and just pump! If you add blood, you get a creepier effect!

Little tip, anything can work as a hose, mine is a water one I had extra laying around to when I move houses, and changed showers. Just make sure the length is enough of you the hide it on the clothes of whoever will be using.

As for the air blower, it came with a cleaning kit for camera lenses.

A last note I feel like I need to say is that a correct heart beat would have two expansions, aka two pumps. One in the front and another in the back of the heart, to put it like that. Mine I’ve only done one, because I was doing it all by myself, and I didn’t had the extra hand. Also I’m pretty sure you would need to find a way to block the air to flow to the other side while you’re doing the second blow.

Guess I found what I need to figure out for the future...

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    1 year ago

    That's a really neat prop! I'd love to see some progress photos of how you put it together.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you! This time I've done the tutorial only through video, I've guessed people would understand more seeing me actually doing the gag, rather than with pictures :)