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Today I'm gonna make a Garden Party st shopper bag

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Step 1: Sketch & Making a Pattern

It's helpful to draw the bag first to visualize

The bottom pattern determines the size of the bag

Step 2: Cutting the Leather

Cut the leather according to the pattern

Step 3: Making a Handle (step1)

Fold the handle in half and sew

Sew 21cm in the middle

Edge-painting on the side of handles

Step 4: Making a Handle (step2)

Prepare 8mm thick rope for handles

Tape the ends to prevent them being loose strands

Punch a hole in the center

Put the PP string through the center

Pull it all the way and you can put the rope in the handle

Cut the tip of the rope diagonally

Make one more, and handles are done ~!

Step 5: Apply Edge-paint


Step 6: Making Bottom Part

Prepare the reinforcement

Cut reinforcement 1.5cm smaller than the bottom part

Step 7: Stick Handle to Body

Mark where the handles will be attached

Put the handles and stitch

Step 8: Making a Pocket

Cut the lining following the pattern

Put the zipper on the frame

Stitch both sides of the pocket's lining

Step 9: Combine All

Attach inner lining with outer leather

Apply bond on the straps for side band

Combine the sides of the main body with side band

Bond and stitch side bands to combine

Step 10: Making a Piping

Put the piping around the bottom part

Make some slits for corners

Sew around the piping

Step 11: Combine Body and Bottom

Sew the main body and bottom part to combine

And turn inside out

Stitch around to put bias on the body top

Step 12: Put Buttons

Make a hole for put dot buttons


Mark the button's position

before combining body following the pattern

I used 15mm dot button

Step 13: Done!

Thanks for watching! : )



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    6 Discussions


    5 weeks ago on Step 6

    Hi, may I know what type of reinforcement are you using? Thank you


    7 months ago

    I originally sent a pattern via email, but there were a lot of people who said didn't want to write emails on public. I put a link in the description so that it can be downloaded immediately. It would be really awesome, if you click ♥ and subscribe when you download. Hope you enjoy it. =)


    9 months ago

    Always looked at these bags thinking thats a lot of work/complexed to make - this breakdown makes it so simple and easy to understand. Time to get the tools out :-)

    On similar bags that we have bought, I have added a security feature to them, a simple cat bell attached to the 'push dot closure' with a bit of glue (on the inside), you can hear if anyone tries to open your bag, as sadly we are in a world of thieves.

    1 reply

    Reply 9 months ago

    Oh X-D ! What a good idea! I need it! and Thanks for watching my work! :)