Making a Small Aquaponics Kit - Jellyfish

Introduction: Making a Small Aquaponics Kit - Jellyfish

About: Draftsman and builder of things big and small.

Tools Required:

Wax, measuring tape, screwdriver, scissors, tape, soldering iron & solder, glue gun, heat gun, wire cutters, needle nose pliers.

What's Inside:
Garden Bundle: Laser Cut Panels- Garden Panels: 6pcs - Storyboard, Grow bed base, Sides, Front & Back of garden Tubing, elbows, Tees, zip ties, nuts & screws

IMPORTANT: Make sure to wax all wood before beginning assembly to prevent mold with a natural bees wax & mineral spirit mix which you can make at home or purchase Howards Feed & Wax:

Electronics Bundle: proximity, humidity, photocell, float sensor, temp sensors, copper plates, 1 ohm resistors, wires, PCB pins, heat shrink tubes, paper clips, laser cut sensor kit & mounting adapter, nuts & screws.

Step 1: Precut Plumbing & Start Connections

Step 2: Sensor Clip, Sides & Back Panels

Step 3: Grow Bed Liner & Drain Kit

Step 4: Assembling Irrigation

Step 5: Standpipe, Gravel & Water

Step 6: Make It Wicked Smart;)

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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Neat. Bit it appears to have been cut and pasted from somewhere else. Lots of the photos are truncated...

    CJ JeanV
    CJ JeanV

    Reply 1 year ago

    Yea, a first draft for a quick start guide...made really quick:)


    1 year ago

    This is really coo! Where can I get the files to make my own?