Making a Solar Smoothie





Introduction: Making a Solar Smoothie

About: Conserver millwright by vocation, focused on design/build sustainable solutions. Like most people, I enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Kira uses the iPower Station (and Magic Bullet) to make delicious strawberry-banana smoothies!

We currently running an Indiegogo campaign (only 40 days left!) to provide emergency solar generators to families in New Jersey - We call it 'Solar for Sandy'.  The power pack (with a solar generator) is one of the perks we're providing.  Join us to make a difference so together - we make things better.  Thank you!  



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    Quick update - A new Perk has been added. It's a nine page plan for an emergency solar generator and $5.00 goes to Solar for Sandy. Preview Here.

    Working on some more solar cooking videos - will post soon....

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