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Introduction: Making a Space Invaders Toilet Roll Holder

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My kids broke off our toilet roll holder and I couldn't be happier. It gave me the chance to make something awesome to replace it, so I made a Space Invaders toilet roll holder, like ya do!

Print out the plans and stick to MDF board, I used 3/4 inch (18mm).

Homemade Space Invaders toilet roll holder printable plans;

Using a coping saw, band saw, jig saw or scroll saw, cut out the space invader alien design. Remove template and sand

Drill holes and mount the roll brackets with two screws and PVA glue.

Paint what ever color suits your bathroom, I did 1978 retro green.

Mount to wall, sit back and enjoy.

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4 years ago

that is super duper cool!!!! when i saw this it reminded me like my mom and how she used to talk about all the games she used to play when she was younger!!!!!!!!!!!!


Reply 4 years ago

Oh that's awesome, thanks :]


5 years ago on Introduction

This is great I need to make one to make my nerd-dom true everywhere in my house. DO you think I could do this with a jig-saw, by hand?