Making a Waste Oil Burner for Aluminum Melting

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(Video Above on The Construction)

Homemade Waste Oil Burner for Melting Misc. Scrap Metals. Can run on Motor Oil or Vegetable Oil, Transmission Fluid, Diesel and a variety of other waste oils. Easily Melts Aluminum and will be trying it out on brass and copper soon and will share my results of those melt sessions in other videos. Simple DIY Using A Fire Extinguisher and Scraps From The Junk Pile, Watch Video For More Information On It :)




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    2 years ago

    Is the video available on you tube, I can't find a link on your instructable

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    2 years ago

    Informative video as usual, question; what conditioning, if any, do you undertake before firing the used oil mix? Some practitioners do some pretty involved stuff- like use settling tanks,filters, strainers, etc.before use, stating it keeps the system from fouling.

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    Since this is for simply for use for melting metals and not a practical application like home heating & such I dont do any conditioning of the oil. I just collect it, dump it in my 55 gallon drum and pull some out as needed to refill the other fire extinguisher I use for dispensing the oil nowadayz. I got rid of the cheesy cup contraption after this filming :) I dont strain, settle, filter.....just put it in the dispenser and let'er rip!