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Introduction: Making a Wire Wrapped Ring

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This instructable is going to take you through the steps of creating a lovely wire and crystal wrapped ring. Items needed for this project are: Ring Mandrel, Wire Cutters, 20 Gauge Wire (36"), Crystals or Stones, and Optional are Needle Nose Pliers.

Step 1: Cut Wire

Use wire cutters and cut off approximately 36" of wire for this project.'

Step 2: Place Wire Around Mandrel

Place your wire around the ring mandrel. You will start your ring at about 1 1/2 sizes larger than you want the finished size to be.

Step 3: Wrap Wire Around Mandrel

To make the band of your ring, you will leave about 6" of wire on one side, wrap the longer side around the mandrel about 3-4 times. You can wrap it more or less depending on your preference. Twist the two wires around each other.

Step 4: Wrap the Shorter Wire Around Band

Wrap the shorter wire around the band wires about 4 times. This will help hold the wires while making the ring. Leave the remainder for now. You may want to keep placing your ring on the mandrel throughout the process to make sure you will end at the size you want. After this step you will probably loss 1/2 a ring size. It will continue to get smaller as you make the ring.

Step 5: Place the First Stone

Place the first crystal or stone on the longest wire and bring it down close to the band of the ring. To avoid your setting from being really tall, try to keep the stones close to the band.

Step 6: Wrap Wire Around the Stone

Wrap the wire around the stone and under the band, bring it back up. If you want to go around the stone again you can. At this point you need to be creative and make your own design. There really is not a wrong or right way.

Step 7: Continue to Add Stones

Continue to add additional stones at this point if you choose. Wrap around the stones and occasionally go under the band to add more strength.

Step 8: This Ring Will Have 3 Stones

The ring in the demo has 3 stones. Your ring can have as little as one stone or as many as you want. It is up to you!

Step 9: Wrap Longer Wire Around the Band

Once you are finished adding your stones, wrap the longer wire around the band 3-4 times, close to the setting. Cut the wire once you are happy with how it looks. You many use the flat nose pliers to help keep the coil tight and press the cut wire close to the band.

Step 10: Wrap Shorter Wire Around the Band

Move now to the shorter wire and repeat the previous step, making both sides match if possible.

Step 11: Your Ring Is Now Complete

Your ring is finished now and ready to be worn. This is very easy to do and makes fun accessory jewelry and a wonderful gift to give someone!

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Great instructions. I think it's a nice looking ring and am thinking of ways to design my own.

I love this ring! I really enjoy bead work and this one caught my eye because of how pretty it is but more so because of the peridot crystal you used. My son was born in August and it's really hard to find alot of jewelry for that birth month. Now I don't have to go searching!! Thanks!

My sister and I went to a festival some time ago, where sellers had booths of neat little nick-nacks and we both bought rings that looked very similar to this. Eventually we lost them, so I was super excited when I saw this instructable. I made one, and I just kept going. They made great gifts for my friends. I even use small buttons as beads and I liked how it turned out :]
(sorry for the bad picture quality, my phone is only 3.2 megapixels and with poor lighting is really bad hah!

ring 1.jpegrings2.jpeg

I have a ring like this! I purchased it at a craft show. I love it!

You can get mandrels on ebay, but a pool cue is a reasonable substitute. don't use a nice new one though. You can also get long taper punches, from hardware shops, that are stronger.

Hi Amy, Nice job! Where can one obtain a ring mandrel?

Thanks! They are a lot of fun to make. Once you get started you won't want to stop!! (lol)

Thanks! I hope you have fun making them. I love to make them. They are fast and easy to do!

Thanks! It is funny and once you get started you want to keep making them. They are fun to wear and make great gifts. Amy