Making a Wood Stove for Barbie Dollhouse (RGB LED + ATtiny 85)




Introduction: Making a Wood Stove for Barbie Dollhouse (RGB LED + ATtiny 85)

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Winter is approaching and Barbie cold, I propose the creation of a wood stove!

In modern appearance, it is made from a PVC tube drainage.

The fire is imitated with a RGB LED (3 colors) controlled by a ATtiny 85 (8-pin microcontroller programmed with Arduino Uno).

Vidéo :
(the subtitles are available in the video with translation)

Tools :
- Miter saw
- Drill
- Screwdriver
- Glue gun
- Soldering iron
- Hand tools (files, saw, screwdriver, cutter, pliers...)

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Step 1: The Main Materials

I used a 50 mm PVC tube of water for the body, a bottle of Orangina for glass and PVC falls cut with hole saw, for the other parts.

Step 2: Electronics

Inspired by this article, I used an ATtiny85 and 8mm RGB LEDs to simulate a fire.

You can download the Arduino code and electronic scheme.

You can program the ATtiny85 with the Arduino uno board following this article or this article in french.

Step 3: Mounting

The stove is painted black with spray paint, the door is maintained with small hinges and I added a photo of fire in background.

Step 4: Finishes

The circuit is cut shorter and it is stuck with a the glue gun.

I added wood logs below.

I used an aluminum tube to the chimney.

Step 5: Done !

Once in place, Ken and Barbie can enjoy the fireplace comfort!

Find the construction of the dollhouse of Barbie here.

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    3 years ago

    oooh j'avais pas vu passer celui-là! trop classe, Barbie est prête à affronter l'hiver :D


    Reply 3 years ago

    Merci Riffifi, oui ça va chauffer chez Barbie ! ?