Making a Wooden Lathe Faceplate the Easy Way

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Making a wooden face plate the easy way,

I started by drilling a 17mm hole through a block of beach and cutting a tread in it with a steel tap ,

I started the tapping on the drill press to make sure it was all at 90 degrees

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Step 1: Tapping a Screw Thread

I re-enforced the threads with liquid superglue and re tapped the thread.

Step 2: Turning the Face Plate

I took the corners off the threaded blank then I screwed the blank onto the headstock I shaped the faceplate on the lathe.

I needed a disc to glue on the front and I turned disc on my router table by spinning it. Then i glued the disc onto the turned part by pressing it on with my tailstock.

Check out my Instructable and a youtube video on making discs on the router table

Step 3: The Finished Faceplate

I cut a nut in half for clearance for the headstock and then screwed the finished faceplate on the lathe.

Check out my youtube video for a more comprehensive view of the build.



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    3 years ago

    I understand how to make it I just don't really know what it's used for.

    2 replies
    marcello bianchiMrHermito

    Reply 3 years ago

    I made a 12inch disc sander for my lathe as an attachment and i used my stock metal faceplate so that left me without a face plate to use so I made a wooden one to replace it ,also it can be used to turn bowl by screwing the black to it.

    please check out the disc sander in another of my instructables

    MrHermitomarcello bianchi

    Reply 3 years ago

    Lol ok, I see now, I was just confused but now I know, thanks for the answer


    3 years ago

    Sorry for being so ignorant, but what do you do with thi?