Making a Blow Dart

Introduction: Making a Blow Dart

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 To make a working blowdart is very simple.All you need is.

-metal hanger-
-tin snips-
-double stick tape-
-lighter (optional)

Step 1: The Shaft

First using the tin snips cut the hanger to the length you want it.Now take the lighter and heat up one end of the piece of hanger.
While still hot hammer down the heated end flat.

Step 2: The Frayed End

To complete the dart take a strip of double stick tape and wrap it around the not flat end.Now take a small piece of string and shove it onto the tape wrapped end and push down on it.Now taking a bit of twine do a simple whipping around the string.To do a whipping follow these instructions.

Step 3: Sharpening

   To sharpen the dart use your file and file it down into a point.

Step 4: The End

And thats is how to make your own blow darts.    WARNING:don not shoot at people or animals:WARNING

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    black lightning
    black lightning

    5 years ago

    Technically those are wire cutters. You don't use tin snips for wire.