Making a Break Apart Puzzle Chessboard - I Made It at TechShop San Jose

Introduction: Making a Break Apart Puzzle Chessboard - I Made It at TechShop San Jose

I was asked to make a quick and easy chessboard to fit a chess set with pieces that had two inch bases.
I designed the original board using Adobe Illustrator, with two and a half inch squares, but realized that it wouldn't fit within the parameters of the lasers here at TechShop San Jose, eighteen inches by twenty-four inches is the laser bed size, so I had to get quirky and creative.
Originally, I was going to do a two piece board, but thought that it would be more interesting if there was a possible wrong way to assemble the board, so went with the four piece design above.
The settings I used:

    RasteringGood MDF using ninety for the speed and thirty for the power.
    Vector (cutting two passes) speed of twenty, power at ninety, and the frequency set to seven hundred fifty.

The result is a "Battle with a Pleasant Scent"

As you can see the fairly large pieces for this board are from the Avon Chess Set, some of these still have the original cologne and/or after shave in them, which can make for an interesting game as the weight of the contents can make the bottom of a piece you are moving drop off as you lift it. Thankfully we have yet suffer any breakage.

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