Making a Cd/dvd Drive IPod Dock

Introduction: Making a Cd/dvd Drive IPod Dock

 I thought of this idea after i saw a picture or tutorial of a cd drive that he had turned into a drawer and sat his ipod in, I thought "hey, I can go one better than that", so here I am.
Sorry for the low quality pics, I had to use my mobile camera.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

 1. Old CD or DVD drive from a computer, the lens doesn't need to work, just the motor.
2. Screwdrivers, Small and Normal sized phillips head.
3. iPod dock adapter that would have come with your iPod.
3. iPod computer cable, use an old one because you might break it.
4. Hot glue or Super glue.
5. Double sided tape.
6. Dremel or pliers.
7. Ribbon cable from a computer
8. Soldering skillz.

Step 2: Taking Apart the Drive

This step will give you a basic explanation for removing the screws holding the outer casing together.
Remember that there might be screws hidden beneath stickers.

Removing the casing should be straight forward enough. 

Step 3: Removing the Innards!!

 First off, be careful whilst removing the disk tray and reader, if you want to repair the drive later to make a CD player or whatever, you will need to keep all the parts.

You will have to remove the tray by sliding the plastic motor mechanism either left or right until it pops out a little, then pull it out slowly and press the two clips that stop it from shooting out.

On the bottom of the drive there should be some tabs or something holding the larger circuit board with the connectors on it to the drive, be careful while you pop the board out.
There are little flat cables attached to it, carefully unplug these by wiggling the little retaining clips out.

make sure you remove them all and then unscrew the laser setup out.

if all goes according to plan the bottom board and the motor board should be left attached by a cord like in the picture.
When you put the tray back in, make sure it lines up with the little guide that sticks up.

Step 4: Adding the Dock!

Get your double sided tape ready!

As you can see I have already hacked at my adapter so you might need to file yours out to fit the iPod cable, you never know...

You will need about 3 layers of tape to have it settled firmly, see the pictures to see how I did it.
I needed to cut out a small hole on the bottom so it would fit over the motor that drives the tray, it depends on your drive if you can do this.

You may want to add some body filler or something to make the adapter flush with the tray.
Completely up to you.

Step 5: The CABLE!!!!!!

 First you will need an iPod cable, a cheapo one will suffice, you will be hacking the shell off of it anyway.

You might need a small screwdriver to prise the cover open, but after you have done that you can move on to the next step :D


Put your iPod into the half made dock and see how it fits, then you plug in the cable and glue it into place, just don't get glue on your iPod. That would suck.

If you can pull your cable through under the tray and it closes, well done., if not then you will need to modify the cable.

You will need about 25cm of ribbon cable, and only four strands.
You will need to cut off the wires from the cable and solder the ribbon cable on instead, make sure you know the order and colours so you can solder the usb connector back onto the cord.
After you have done this, check the iPod connector still works, if not then check your soldering, if after that it still doesn't work you may need to try again with another cable.

After that you cut a hole into the back of the drive for the usb cord to go through, use a dremel, drill or cutting knife, even shoot it if you think you can, although I don't recommend this.

Step 6: Put It All Together!!

 After you are sure it all works and any plugs between the tray circuit board and the tray board are plugged it, you can put it into your computer, plug all the cables in and then you have a new iPod Dock :D

If you are really clever, you can create a shortcut for the drive on your desktop.
Rename it iPod Dock and amaze your friends and family when you right click and eject your brand new hidden iPod dock yayz!!!

If you want you can stealth the drive too by getting some stick on velcro and attaching it to the tray bezel and a empty drive slot cover that has had the back filed down or cut off.

Thank you for viewing my first Instructable :D

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