Making a Cheap Dummy for Movies



Introduction: Making a Cheap Dummy for Movies

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Ever see one of those movies where they show from very far a way some thing falling and you can barley see the guy? well it isn´t a real guy ( of course you already knew that) well here I made a quick and CHEAP dummy, I hope to make a better one later on but for now...

Step 1: Materials

These are basic materials that most people have at home:

1 Lots and Lots of newspaper
2 Scissors
3 Rope (not the REAL thin one but medium
and 4 clothes (Long sleeve shirt, long pants, gloves, shoes or socks)
WAIT, if you are going to use this in a movie make sure you have at least two exact pairs of shirts and pants, one for the dummy and another one for the actor.
/*comment: I made this one with out a head or feet or hands but I will say how to do it*/

Step 2: The Torso

Ok what you do is to start out get the rope and tie the neck hole and the wrist just leave the bottom open and you start to get the newspaper press it and put as much in it as you can to make sure it looks and feels good then tie the bottom with the rope, ok now remember this is going to take a while and its kinda of hard so have patience

Step 3: The Legs

Just like the torso we are going to close the bottom of the legs with rope and start shoving as much newspaper as you can and when you are finished close the top with the rope, again this will take a while.

Step 4: The Hands

Ok basically what we are going to do is the same you did to the hole body.
For the hand I recommend you using gloves and just fill them up with newspaper and I mean A LOT you gotta make sure you get all the glove and make it hard by putting newspaper in it and press it as hard as you can so you get better results, after you have done that get some of the rope and tie the glove to the sleeve of the shirt.

Step 5: The Feet

For the feet do the same thing as you did with the gloves but you can either use a sock or you can just put a shoe and tie it with the rope to the bottom of the leg

Step 6: Yay Finished

Ok after you have followed all the steps you should have something like this image, now you can use it to make a movie or just play with it or what ever, I will be re-posting this with a head if I ever get any creativity for it, thanks for reading my first instructable



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