Making a Cinch String Sack From a Pillowcase Is a Cinch.



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Intro: Making a Cinch String Sack From a Pillowcase Is a Cinch.

Method for converting a pillowcase into a cinch string sack.

Step 1: Tools and Materials.

- Sharp scissers
- Sewing machine
- Pillowcase
- Small piece of scrap material
- String
- paperclip or safety pin
- piece of tape.

Step 2: Find a Pillowcase and Determine How It Is Sewn Together.

The first step to making a sack from a pillowcase is to determine how the pillowcase is constructed. Some pillowcases will be easy to use and others will require more work. When the length of the pillowcase is sewn first and then the top (opening where pillow goes through) folded over a tube of sorts is created on the end. This type of pillowcase is ideal to make a sack from. The blue patterned pillowcase is sewn this way.

Another way a pillowcase may have been assembled is that the top end (opening where pillow goes through) will be sewn first. The seam along the length would be sewn after that. When this is done there isn't a complete tube around the top of the pillowcase. This type of pillowcase requires extra work since you will not be able to pull your string all the way around the pillowcase. The sage colored (plain, no pattern) pillowcase is put together this way.

Simply look at the top end of the side seam of the pillowcase to determine how the pillowcase is assembled.

It is possible the pillowcase may not have a tube on the top. In that case you will have to create one by folding over the end of the pillow and sewing the folded end fast.

Step 3: Modifications for a Pillowcase With a Seam Through the End.

If your pillowcase has a complete tube going around the end where the pillow is inserted then you may skip this entire step.

A: With a sharp scissors or knife undo the horizontal and some of the vertical seam at the opening of the pillowcase.
     Do this by cutting open the stitching.Be careful not to cut the material.

B: Turn the pillowcase inside out and sew the horizontal seam closed.

C: Re-seal the seam along the circumference of the pillowcase opening. You are trying to create a tube that goes the entire circumference of the pillowcase.

Proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Open the Seam.

To find where to open the seam; lay the pillowcase flat so the seam that runs the length of the pillowcase is at one edge.Your pillowcase will most likely naturally lay this way.

On the side of the pillowcase that does not have the horizontal seam, open the seam that goes around the top. You only need to open this enough the create a reinforced hole in the next step.

In the picture for this step, you would be opening the seam that runs parallel to the dark blue line on the bottom of the picture. This is the line that turns red as it crosses the white streak. 

Sorry, forgot to take a picture of the open seam. The picture shows the pillowcase after the location for the hole was found. It is not laying as I described in the beginning of the step.

Step 5: Create a Reinforced Hole for the Cinch String.

Create a hole in the fabric for the cinch string by following my Instructable for a reinforced fabric hole.

If you want the hole on the outside of your bag position the hole as seen in the attached image. If you want the hole inside the bag then center the hole on the flap of material. In the picture it would be directly above where the brown material is sewn fast.

The instructable can be found here.

Step 6: Close the Seam.

After the hole has been made for the cinch strap, close the seam that you opened in step 4.

Step 7: Add Your Cinch String.

Add something stiff to the end of the string that will easily fit through the hole you made. In my example I ran the string (boot lace in the picture) through the end of a safety pin, bent it back on itself and taped it together. You could also tie a knot if the knot will fit through the hole.

Feed the safety pin through the hole and shimmy the safety pin and string around the circumference of the pillowcase. If you need assistance you can ask your pet to help at this point.

Once you have worked the string around the entire pillowcase push the safety pin out of the hole.

Step 8: Tie Off the String.

Put both ends of the string parallel. Holding them together create a simple knot. You may do this twice to create a larger knot. There are many ways you can tie your string together. I chose this way since the boot lace I used was thick. If you have a finer string you may wish to tie it together and slide the knot into the pillowcase to hide it.

Step 9: Your Pillowcase Sack Is Complete.

Use it as a laundry bag or for any of your storage needs. I will be using it as part of my camping gear. It will be both my laundry bag and my pillow.



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