Making a Double Breasted Jacket Into a Single Breast




Introduction: Making a Double Breasted Jacket Into a Single Breast

Ok so if you're anything like me it's a few weeks past the holiday season and you've gotten a little fat from all the Christmas and New Years feasting.

It happens to many of us, all that delicious turkey, cranberry dressing and pumpkin pie pack on the pounds. If you're a kid you probably don't want clothes for Christmas, but if you're in your mid twenties and you've been eyeing a gorgeous Haight and Ashbury double breasted jacket you might be ecstatic if your lovely significant other purchased the item and was resting safely under your tree.

You were overjoyed when you unwrapped it, only to find out that 20 days made for 10 extra pounds and it won't do up.

Well I'm trying to work that weight off, same as you should, but we can still wear that jacket without even having to modify it.

The answer is self contained buttons. Two buttons that are sewn together and put through the buttonholes. (You will need facing buttonholes, which most double breast jackets seem to have.)

Buttons (don't try to match them to the buttons on the jacket use something different i.e. if you're jacket has white buttons use black ones)
a pencil or some sort of separator 

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Step 1: Sew the Buttons Together

I won't insult your intelligence by explaining how to sew a button because even a mentally challenged person should be capable of doing such a thing. Either way you should end up with something like this.

My only word of advice is to use a pencil or something to separate the buttons from each other while you're sewing because they will need some slack to fit properly.

Step 2: This Is Step Two

Ok so put the buttons through the buttonholes and there you go.

Step 3: Boom Goes the Dynamite

and now you're done.

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