Making a Fabric Wreath With Hanging Letter

Introduction: Making a Fabric Wreath With Hanging Letter

Materials you will need:
4 different patterns or colors of fabric at 1/2 yard each
1 Roll of ribbon
Straw wreath 18in
Wooden letter

Making the wreath:
    Step one:
    Cut fabric into two inches wide by eighteen inches long

    Step two:
    Tie each piece of fabric around the wreath and make a knot to tie the ends together

     Step three:
     Tie ribbon periodically throughout the wreath

Hanging the letter
    Step four:
    Paint the wooden letter the color of your choice

    Step five:
    Separate the fabric in the middle of the wreath

    Step six:
    Put a dollop of hot glue on to the back of the painted wooden letter

    Step seven:
    Place the wooden letter with hot glue on the back onto the empty space of the wreath

Hanging the wreath
     Step eight:
     Attach a piece of ribbon on the back of the wreath as a hanger

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