Making a Laser Etched Pilsner Beer Mug....I Made It at Techshop

Making a etched beer mug....

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Step 1: TURN OFF the Laser Attach the Rotary Tool

you must turn off the laser to attach the rotary tool to prevent power surge.....

Step 2: Secure the Oversized Mug on the Jig With Tape

secure the oversized mug on the jig with tape...this keeps it steady while turning

Step 3: Set Up the Art File You Are Using

Set up the art file you are using....

Step 4: Print Your Image

Print your print then select Preferences to change the intensity of the laser...hit OK then print for the second time.

Step 5: Start the Magic

flne tune the placement of the image in the laser interface and hit the magic green button and BAM! watch the magic happen.

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