Making a Paper Bunny Mask on the Laser

Introduction: Making a Paper Bunny Mask on the Laser

Hey guys! Exactly what the title says- we'll be making a paper bunny mask on the laser. Let's get started!


- White card stock (I got fancy and used the glittery stuff from JoAnn's.)
- Pink card stock
- Metallic card stock
- Masking tape
- Elastic/Rubber String
- Hole Punch

Step 1: Preparing the File

Here's the image I used to make my mask- I did not create the image. You can also use another bunny mask you find online, but for my example I'm using this. I also pulled an image of the Hello Kitty bow as my bow design.

Main bunny:
1. Remove all of the writing.
2. Move the pink cheek ovals to another document, and set them so that they'll vector cut.
3. Make the main outline a vector outline
4. Make the inner outline and the nose/whiskers a 4 point thickness so it'll raster
5. Make the eyes so that the ovals will be vector cut.

Double check everything! We don't want to accidentally cut where we want to etch, and vice versa.


Here's the image I used for the bow: I resized it so that it was about 2.25" wide.

1. Create a vector outline.
2. Make everything else inside the outline a 4 point thick line.

Step 2: Laser Yo Bunny

The settings in this section are based on a 45watt laser. If your laser is different, please adjust accordingly and don't set anything on fire!


1. Place the white glitter paper face up on the laser. It needs to be face up because otherwise the glittery stuff won't cut cleanly.
2. Put your home setting all the way in the upper left corner.
3. Raster settings: Power = 30, Speed = 90.
Vector settings: Power = 45, Speed = 85


1. Place paper nice side down this time. Otherwise we risk scorching the visible bits.
2. Vector settings: Power = 30, Speed = 85


1. Mask off the area of the bow that will be lasered with masking tape (i.e. the shiny side, if it wasn't obvious).
2. Raster settings: Power = 30, Speed = 90. Do the raster three times- it may seem excessive, but we want to not burn the paper, but still get through the tape.
    Vector settings: Power = 45, Speed = 85

Step 3: Assemble!

1. Remove the excess paper from your parts.
2. Flip your two cheek pieces and bow piece upside down on some scrap paper (to protect your surfaces.)
3. Spray with adhesive
4. Place your pieces where appropriate on the main portion of the mask.

When everything is dry:

1. Place the mask against your face to judge where it should rest.
2. Use the hole punch to make two holes.
3. Tie the elastic around each hole

BOOM! Bunny mask has been created! Happy Easter, everyone!

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