Making a Self-healing Plastic Bottle Target for Pellet Gun Plinking

Introduction: Making a Self-healing Plastic Bottle Target for Pellet Gun Plinking

Plinking at glass bottles can be dangerous and messy to clean up.  Here is an alternative, using a plastic bottle from a non-dairy dry coffee creamer.  This makes a nearly self-healing plinking target that can be used for literally dozens of shots before it is tossed into the recycle bin.

For larger plastic target bottles, you can use the containers from the regular or extra large dry whey protein mixes.

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Step 1:

Obtain some non-dairy, dry coffee creamer, or malted milk mix.  Once the container is empty, rinse it out and let it dry completely.  Next, remove the plastic label. Then begin stuffing it tightly with used plastic grocery or other shopping bags.  Use the type of bag that is cheap, easily falls apart, and you normally just throw away once you bring it home and empty your purchases.  This size container can hold anywhere from 35 to 50 or more of these plastic bags, depending on how tightly you can stuff them.

Once you can no longer get any additional bags into the container, put on the top, print off the twin targets (copy them into a rich text editor, resize it to 3.5 in. (about 9 cm) tall) and tape them to the outside of the container.  You can fit up to four target faces, rotating them once one is shot up.

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    could playdo also be added for extra balistics


    4 years ago

    I imagine you have to tape this down to something or it will be knocked over from impact.

    Nice way to reuse something for awhile.

    Does it collect the lead as a side benefit?

    I have a feeling my .22 would go through this but its possible that tightly packed polymer will stop the pellets.