Making a Simple Cup From Can




Don’t need any tool

Just a can and your bare hand :D

We will show you the fastest way to make a cup from a can

Find a concrete background (your street)

and a beer can (or any similar can)

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Step 1: Processing

Upside down the can (It’s lid touch the ground)

Sharpen the can’s lid

Rub it’s lid on the ground

Don’t squeeze it too strongly because your cup will look so bad

To make it easy, get the close-up out

Sharpen until you see the connection part of the body and the lid

Focus sharpening on the part which is not clearly seen

After all the connection pieces is clearly seen, use your hand to get the lid out

Clean it, Use sandpaper to make it soft and unharmful because of it’s sharp

Step 2: Usage

- Pen cup

- Tea cup

- Toys container

- Flowerpot

Step 3:


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    Hi @EvolvedAwesome,

    Thanks for your comment :D

    I will try to make a project with cans. Follow me to see more then.

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