Making a Swap Shelf

Introduction: Making a Swap Shelf

Hi, we are PhillyBookShare.  We construct easy-to-make bookshelves out of cardboard, fill them with books and place them around the city of Philadelphia.  You can leave a book or take a book.  We'd like to expand this project and spread the project to cities across the country.  Our basic philosophy is that we want to make it easy to read, and easy for avid readers to share that passion.  The shelves are easy to make and cost very little to make.  We want this to become an independent movement which others can start in their area and have people contribute books and borrow books, all for free. 

Check out our website to find out more.!Home|mainPage

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Step 1:

Materials you will need:
Green Duct tape
Elmer’s Glue All
Green Spray-paint
Plastic sheeting [3 ft wide roll]

Step 1
Make a cardboard template looking at the picture to your right. Find a scale to help you make the outline.
Step 2
Cut out the pieces and place the bottom piece so that it is arcing outwards towards you.
This arch will be cancelled out once we place books in the shelves.
Step 3
Place the backside of the shelf and glue it.
Step 4
Start sticking the smaller pieces on the bottom board as well as glueing them to the backside of shelf.
Step 5
Place the roof on the shelf and wait for the glue to dry up.
Step 6
Place the plastic on the table and cut it at 3 ft.
Step 7
Start making V cuts to make encase the shelf. Stick them using the duct tape.
Step 8
Do the same for the top.

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